Superhero Chick

Bridget thought it was just another break-up. It was even her choice to end the relationship with the man she thought she would marry. So why did it feel like her heart was burnt to a crisp? She had never been betrayed before, but still.

She wanted to get to the bottom of why her heart was so devastated, particularly after having done so much work on herself leading up to that fateful relationship. So she started a full court press approach to healing, on a mission to come back from this break-up stronger than ever, to be “Love Strong.”

SUPERHERO OF LOVE: HEAL YOUR BROKEN HEART & THEN GO SAVE THE WORLD chronicles everything Bridget did to come out the other side of her loss with more power and ability to love and be loved than ever before. She set up what she came to understand was her very own Superhero of Love Boot Camp.

The reader will be able to pick and choose from among the techniques, exercises, and tools that Bridget used, so she can set up her very own Boot Camp, and make her unique journey toward being Love Strong as stress-free and joyful as possible.

Until the book is released, you can learn about the five superpowers that Bridget focused on in her Boot Camp — Super Sight, Super Hearing, Super Humility, Super Self-Love, and Super Alignment – through her writings that aim to inspire the Superhero of Love inside you.

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